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Remember the scientific method?


(Yes, the one you first learned about in 6th grade science class.) This is how I think and experience the world. I thrive on the process of inquiry.

I am most inspired when I am involved in the iterative process of applying and testing knowledge and research. From digging into survey data to crafting a regional issue-based grantmaking strategy, I do my best work when I am working at a variety of magnifications with a range of stakeholders and people that have different perspectives from my own.

This was one of the biggest draws in starting my strategy and research consulting business. I love thinking big picture and then rolling up my sleeves to get into the weeds with clients. My mission is to help you ask and answer questions. The right questions. Those that will meet your goals in the most effective and efficient way.

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Expertise & InterestS

Climate and environmental sciences

Food security

Agrifood systems

Natural resource management


Regenerative agriculture

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Niki Mazaroli, MESM

Niki Mazaroli is a researcher, grantwriter, and science communicator. Niki has worked as a nonprofit practitioner, consultant, and philanthropic grantmaker, affording her a unique perspective on the needs and challenges of different organizations. Over the last seven years Niki has conducted quali/quantitative research and written for a wide range of audiences, including government, academia, philanthropists, and students.

Niki holds a Masters in Environmental Science and Management from the University of California Santa Barbara’s Bren School, specializing in water and land use with an emphasis on decentralized agrifood systems. She also has field experience in geology, agroforestry, regenerative agriculture, and refugee resettlement. Niki can often be found exploring the California coastline, surfing, and reading nonfiction.

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